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Ben C Barto

Nature plays a big part in the creation of Barto’s Antler Knives and Knife stands. After the Elk and Deer shed their antlers, the animals such as squirrels and porcupines chew on them for the calcium content. Then the rain, snow and the heat of the sun opens natural cracks in the antler. The combination of the forest creatures and the element of the weather create the character in which Ben Barto looks for when he hand selects each piece from dozens of different antler suppliers. Antlers are like fingerprints. No two will ever be alike ensuring you a one of a kind treasure. The same also holds true for Turquoise stones that Ben also hand selects that are inlayed into some of the antler handles.

All knife blades are made of German 440 stainless and Damascus steel.

Knives are made by Ben C. Barto, Arlen Thomassen and Paul Damveld

We offer 8 different styles of blades available in both Stainless and Damascus steel.

Ben C. Barto

Ben Barto is a self-taught artist born and raised in Rock Spring, Wyoming. He developed an early love and appreciation of wildlife by fishing and hunting in the Wind River Mountain Range with his father. Ben started carving wildlife 24 years ago and has expanded his subject matter to include wildlife, charcuteries, tractors, hot air balloons custom name drops and recently a full line of Bike related products. He requires only a photograph of any subject to create a 3D collectable. He has been featured in newspapers and television articles throughout the Northwest and is now one of the country’s most sought-after masters of his field.